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The National Citrus Nursery Association (NCNA) is a membership organization working for the betterment of citrus nurseries in the United States (US). The mission of the NCNGA is to unite and empower US citrus nursery growers through collaboration, access to information and advocacy that will benefit the industry.  

By fostering knowledge and engaging with regulators, the NCNA strives to create a favorable environment for citrus nursery growers by providing a platform for networking and innovation that will help to support the development of fair federal regulations related to citrus nurseries.  The NCNGA seeks to promote best practices nationwide ensuring the production of clean, disease free, citrus nursery stock. 

NCNA was established in 2020, and It includes representatives from Texas, Florida, Louisiana, and California citrus nurseries and actively collaborates with the USDA for better industry regulation. In our inaugural year, the group established a list of priorities, with a clear consensus that the USDA rule for the Interstate Movement of Citrus Plant Material was a primary shared concern.

Our initiative strives to engage citrus nurseries, at the national level, with regulatory officials to improve the implementation and adjustment of these regulations, advocating for uniform enforcement across the USA and greater industry input into these rules.

As we move forward, we continue to build upon our history, focusing on the shared goal of a healthier, more productive citrus nursery industry. Together, we strive to create sustainable solutions for the challenges we face and continue to make a significant impact on the citrus nursery landscape across the United States.

“Citrus nurseries are the backbone of the citrus industry, and are committed to supporting their success.”


Citrus Nursery Initiative

We welcome your involvement in our mission to support the US citrus nursery industry. You can get involved by volunteering, attending meetings, and sharing your expertise and experience. Contact us to learn more about how you can contribute.

Support Our Mission

Your partecipation helps us continue our work to promote and support citrus nursery practices at the national level.

Together, we can ensure the success of the industry for generations to come.

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